About Us


Allfirst’s primary objective is to solve and support the general industrial and commercial construction opportunities of our customers in a safe and professional manner.

“We want ALL of our customers and employees to know we put safety and integrity first, thus our name, ALLFIRST.”

About Us

The making and composition of Allfirst is an enduring American success story that started in 1981. Les Hall began his first industrial general contracting business after owning and operating an industrial general contracting business for 19 consecutive years. Allfirst was opened in 2000.

Allfirst is an industrial general contractor company that specializes in industrial and commercial related projects. Allfirst was named to confirm, promote, and support the goal of putting “All of our customers and employees first, with safety and quality”.

The founder and President, Les Hall, has been committed to serving and maintaining the high standards he set for Allfirst since its establishment in 2000.

Since 1981, Les Hall has been involved in industrial and commercial projects involving all levels of management for skilled trades. Allfirst continues to benefit from credited relationships and customer development that has grown over the years from working with Fortune 500 companies. Allfirst has achieved, and will continue to pursue, an outstanding and ongoing reputation in the market place.